About us

Welcome to Alihau.com, free of customs clearance fees worldwide, product prices include value-added tax, low shipping costs and even free shipping for some products, no minimum consumption requirements, and no hidden fees. 100% safe and credit guaranteed online store.
Alihau is an international e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on popular products such as beauty, hairdressing, health care, sports and other popular products.
Our products meet European and American import standards, and we have a large inventory of various products. The supply is stable and the product price is reasonable. The product warehouses are mainly in China, and some product warehouses are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. If you ordered more than one product, you may receive them in multiple installments.
Besides global online retail, we also welcome wholesale. Please send email to contact: alihau.store@gmail.com


  • Red Light 🔴

    Age Reversal Mode:

    This setting effectively stimulates the skin, revitalizes collagen, reduces dark spots and reuces fine lines & wrinkles.

  • Blue Light 🔵

    Repair & Protect Mode:

    Blue microcurrent improves skin problems, reduces acne, helps kill bacteria causing blackheads and improves overall skin health.

  • Green Light 🟢

    Skin Rejuvenation Mode:

    Promotes microcirculation of the body surface, lymphatic drainage i.e snatching the cheeks and jawline.